Our Services

RedOrange Print Solutions provides a variety of printing methods to allow you to create your desired apparel design according to your requirements & creativity. Below shows a general guide to different techniques.

Silkscreen Printing

best used on solid color logos
This is a printing technique whereby a squeegee is moved across the printing block to transfer ink through permeable mesh created according to artwork stencils. One color is printed at a time, multiple blocks can be used to create multicolored images. Silkscreen Printing is the most widely used printing technique worldwide, it is also the most cost effective. Simply provide us with your artwork pantone colors, and we can print exactly as what you want to have!


best used for logo identities
Embroidery started off with decorating handicraft with needle & thread in the olden times. Contemporary embroidery is stitched using a computerized machine, using patterns digitized by a embroidery software. Embroidery is available with a wide variety of thread colors. It is best used for corporate logos for the best professional look. Embroidery is also more contrasting on fabric due to its raised effect upon completion. Provide us with your corporate logo & color codes, we will match it to the closest thread color that we have!

Vinyl Heat Transfer

personalised name/number
Using a Vinyl Cutter to cut out the desired design from a roll of Vinyl Sticker. The cut-out piece is then transferred onto the tshirt using a hot iron. Best used for personalised names or numbers for sports jerseys, or single color artworks on difficult to print on fabric, windbreaker etc. Vinyl Rolls are available in single colors, we have multiple colors for you to choose from, even NEON colors!

DTG Printing

superb for full color artworks on cotton
Direct-to-Garment Printing. Similar to an inkjet printer that prints directly on the shirt. The upside, you can print a full color design beautifully on the shirt and it is much more durable as compared to traditional heat transfer. Downside, DTG can only be done on 100% cotton Tshirts. DTG also provides quick turnaround time as compared to traditional printing. Do send us your artworks so that we can advise you further!

Dye Sublimation

superb for full color artworks on drifit

Also known as digital sublimation. This printing technique works specially on WHITE drifit tshirts. Dye Sublimation Printer uses special ink to create transfers onto fabric. The end result is a near permanent, high resolution & full color print which will not crack, fade or peel.